Bocce Ball in SYV

The sport of bocce is among the most popular worldwide and is rapidly expanding in America. It promotes socialization and camaraderie with a spirit of competition among all ages. The SYVBF seeks to introduce the sport to members of the local community and provide tournaments and clinics for local bocce enthusiasts.

Senior citizens of our community are often isolated and have limited social interactions. They can be lonely and have higher rates of depression. They also tend to be sedentary and as a result experience declining health and functional abilities. Bocce provides a unique combination of gentle exercise and socialization that benefits the elderly by improving physical function and mental sharpness and well-being.

For many youths the summer months are a challenge. The lack of a structured routine can lead to boredom, misbehavior, and delinquency. By working with other local organizations to sponsor summer bocce play the SYVBF can help young people become involved as participants or organizers, thus giving them a greater sense of community and purpose. Engaging in team sports will help them build pride and accomplishment.

Bocce has become quite popular in the Santa Ynez Valley. Now in its 12th year, the SYVB League has almost 300 members. Several years ago Solvang Recreation started a bocce league using courts at the Alisal River Course and has over 100 members. The SYVBF will provide additional opportunities for play and socialization by sponsoring tournaments and clinics open to all members of the community.

"Promoting better health and community through the sport of bocce"

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