Senior Bocce

Members of the Solvang Senior Center were treated to an afternoon of bocce instruction by the SYV Bocce Foundation, accompanied by wine and fine hors d’oeuvres. After learning the history of this ancient sport an indoor portable bocce court was used for a demonstration of the rules and technique of the game. Participants then engaged in a lively match which was closely contested but enjoyed by all. Attendees were eager to play bocce again… perhaps on their own future court at their planned permanent facility in Solvang.

Solvang Senior Center learns from Bocce Ball pros

A group of folks gathered at the Solvang Senior Center on March 16 to learn about the fine art of Bocce, with a demonstration by The Santa Ynez Valley Bocce Foundation. The Center’s main dining hall was transformed into a snug 40-foot indoor Bocce court surrounded by seating for guests and a lovely charcuterie presentation to keep everyone’s energy level up.

Guests not only enjoyed Dr. Gus Dascanio’s thorough history lesson on Bocce, but also information on the benefits of playing the low impact sport, enjoyed by both young and old alike. One component of The Santa Ynez Valley Bocce Foundation’s mission statement is to introduce Bocce to seniors for both the physical and social aspect of the sport. Those in attendance caught on quickly when it came to the social aspect.

After a short demonstration by foundation members, everyone jumped in to take their turn at rolling a Bocce ball or two. A little good-hearted competitive spirit broke out between teams as folks got into the swing of things. With one full game under their belt, both teams agreed that they just might like to continue a little friendly rivalry and play again sometime.

The Center would like to thank Dr. Gus Dascanio, Shawn Dascanio, Lyn Dunn and Derek Field for the fun afternoon. The Solvang Senior Center is looking forward to future Bocce “tournaments,” and hopeful that one day they will have their very own court.

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